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Order Related Questions

What shipping methods do you offer?

We offer ground shipping service, which allows us to assist more consumers in a more reliable manner as we grow broader in distribution. Packages generally take 7 business days from placing an order to arrival at your door. At this time, we do not offer any expedited shipping options.

Do's CBD products ship to all 50 US States?

Yes, all of’s high CBD products ship to all 50 states in the USA!  All of our high CBD products contain either no THC whatsoever or less than 0.3% Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol which sets their technical designation to, “Industrial Hemp”; making them entirely legal including all their parts and derivatives, in all 50 states in the USA.

Can I modify my order after it has been placed?

If you have placed an order and would like to modify the items or shipping address, please email Customer Service at  Be sure to include your name and invoice number in your email. If the order has not shipped, we can modify the order to your liking. If the order has shipped, you will then need to follow the return/exchange process.

Product Related Questions

Do the CBD Oils & Hemp Extracts contain THC?

No.  We use a highly refined CBD isolate in our CBD Oils which contains no THC.  You will not fail a drug test from using our BASIC, PLUS or ADVANCED CBD Oils which are made with high purity CBD isolate and terpenes.  Some of our other products like our high CBD Flowers/Buds, do contain THC.  -Using high CBD Flowers/Buds can make you fail a test for THC.

How much oil does the dropper hold?

The dropper on all 30mL bottles holds 0.5mL of Hemp Extract Oil

Dropper use: Gently squeeze the rubber end and release. The dropper will be half full which indicates a “full dropper” (Oil will not fill the entire dropper).

How do I use the dropper?

Dropper use: Gently squeeze the rubber end and release. The dropper will be half full which indicates a “full dropper” (Oil will not fill the entire dropper).

How many servings are in each bottle of Hemp Extract Oil?

The 30mL bottles contain Thirty (30) 1mL servings. The dropper on all 30mL bottles holds 0.5mL of oil.

Can I take CBD with prescription medications?

As with any dietary supplement, we recommend consulting your physician prior to adding cannabinoids with naturally occurring CBD to your daily routine.

Payment Related Questions

Where do I send my mail order?

Do NOT send any Checks or Money Orders as we have received many fraudulent checks and refunded mail orders in the past.  Cryptocurrency and Credit Card purchases are much preferred and ship out faster!

You may send your mail order to the following address:

R.S.E., LLC.
2232 S Main Street #433
Ann Arbor, MI. 48103

Questions About My Account

What are the benefits of creating an account on

Once you’ve registered an account on, you will have the ability to see your addresses, update them if needed, your current and previous orders, your product reviews, Out of Stock alerts, keep track of your rewards points, and also invite others to purchase high CBD products on where you can earn rewards points as well!

I'm having trouble logging into my account?

When you are logging into your account and see “Authentication Failed” this means that your account does not yet exist or you have the incorrect password. From the login page, select “Reset Password” where an automatic email will be sent containing your new password. If no email is received, please check your spam or with your email provider to see what filters you can update on your email account that will allow email to be received correctly to your inbox.

What is your newsletter?

Every so often, we will send out updates such as new items or promotions via our newsletter. Interested in signing up? Scroll to the bottom of any page on our site and enter your preferred email address. You can also subscribe when creating an account or within your customer account dashboard. To unsubscribe, go to your customer account dashboard and uncheck the “General Subscription” box.

Services And Programs

Do you sell your CBD Products wholesale?

If you are interested in becoming a Products Wholesaler, please email us and a representative will contact you. Loyalty Tokens Program Loyalty Tokens Program is coming soon to!

Do you offer a military/veteran discount?

Yes!  We love and appreciate all military/veterans!  Email us at and send us a copy of your VA card, State issued Drivers license or ID which shows your Veteran designation or your most recent “LES” (Military Pay Stub) for active duty.

You will receive 15% off all products at as our thank you for your service to the USA.

General Questions

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring cannabinoid constituent of cannabis. It was discovered in 1940 and initially thought not to be pharmaceutically active. It is one of at least 113 cannabinoids identified in hemp plants, accounting for up to 40% of the plant’s extract.

What is CBD oil?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is a mighty phytocannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp and known for supporting body and mind in many ways.

CBD specifically comes from the flowers and leaves of the cannabis and hemp plants. (Not to be confused with oil that comes from hemp seeds, which contain no cannabinoids.)

Why it works –  The human body has a vast network of receptors, called the endocannabinoid system, which helps us maintain overall wellness and keep many of our physical processes moving in the right direction. CBD fits into the receptors, helping the body complete in its efforts to keep us in good health. Learn more about the endocannabinoids system.

I would love to start selling products, where do I start?

Please visit the Contact Us page and let us know that you are interested in carrying our products. A representative will contact you.

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